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Vespa Primavera 125 Yacht Club

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Vespa Primavera 125 Yacht Club - £ 4,149

primavera & GTS 2018 brochure

The elegant Italian style typical of Vespa encounters the fascinating world of yachting and sailing: this pairing of elegance and finesse is the wellspring of the new special series Vespa Primavera Yacht Club and Vespa GTS Yacht Club, developed using the technical specifications of the latest small and large frame Vespas.

Vespa Primavera Yacht Club, available in 50 and 125 cc versions, and Vespa GTS Yacht Club, available in 125 and 300 cc versions, stand out for their white colour, embellished with numerous blue details. These include, besides the special graphics on the chassis, the rims, varnished an opaque blue with a special diamond finish, the “tie” on the front shield, also opaque blue with chrome ornaments, and the rubber inserts on the floorboard.

But the distinctive element of the Yacht Club special series is without a doubt the saddle, featuring a never-before-seen motif with white and blue stripes inspired by traditional, authentic sailing décor. It’s the first time in Vespa history that a saddle takes on such an innovative look.

The white edge that runs around the perimeter of the saddle and the plate with the Yacht Club logo placed on the rear shield complete the personalisation and highlight the attention given to even minute details.


Vespa 125 and 50cc models on 3.9% APR HP 


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Engine Size: 125CC
Colour: White & Blue