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Vespa Primavera 50 4T E4

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Vespa Primavera 50 4T E4 - £ 3,399

primavera & GTS 2018 brochure

The youngest and most dynamic Vespa spirit, that has always driven the world’s best-loved two-wheeler, returns to the model that uses it so well. The Vespa Primavera legend is back.

The first Vespa Primavera emerged in 1968. This was the year that witnessed a new awareness amongst the younger generation, that suddenly wanted to yell for freedom. The year when every classic mould broke down, marking the history of western culture forever. From the universities of California to the squares of Paris, a new social group – that of young people – demanded a place in the front row of a fast-changing society.
Vespa Primavera made its first appearance in that tumult of ideas and fervour, becoming the star by making two wheels and an engine available to the changing world: it became the heroine of an unforgettable season.

3.9%APR over 12-48 months with £99 minimum deposit

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Engine Size: 50CC
Colour: White/ Black/ Red/ Blue/ Coral