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Piaggio Medley 125 4T iGet ABS

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Piaggio Medley 125 4T iGet ABS - £ 2,999

The Medley if you ask me is the biggest secret that Piaggio have made this past few years. This bike is awesome and if you have a ride on one I’m sure you would also be converted.

medley 2018 brochure

The agility of a metropolitan vehicle combined with the dynamic character of a high wheel and the convenience and cargo capacity of a large GT scooter GT resulted in the Medley, the new Piaggio that combines ultra-modern values of rationality, technology and style. Medley blends practicality, technical innovation and beauty in the purest Italian style, fully comprehending the continuously evolving needs of a public in search of mobility solutions that go beyond the usual scooter formula. With Medley nothing is sacrificed.

Piaggio Medley skilfully combines the benefits of a chassis characterised by large diameter wheels, which guarantee superior rideability and road holding compared with smaller wheeled scooters, and the rationality of a classic scooter, its protection, its cargo capacity, the comfort of its large saddle when riding two-up.

The high wheel scooter has been very successful, divided up into lightweight and manoeuvrable vehicles characterised by an easy ride and economic operating costs, and more important vehicles with qualities such as sturdiness and performance. Piaggio, the European leader among major global scooter manufacturers, a company with a unique heritage as the creator of new forms of light mobility, has been a protagonist in the high wheel segment with both easy and lightweight scooters such as the Liberty, as well as with scooters that have spectacular performance and exclusive technical features such as the Beverly range.

Medley achieves the goal of creating a new class of Piaggio high wheel scooter that combines the benefits of an agile and lightweight scooter with those of a larger and higher performance high wheel.

Coming standard with the “Start & Stop” feature which, by managing engine switch-off and start-up during stops, contributes to containing fuel consumption and emissions as well as two-channel ABS, Piaggio Medley therefore boasts an equipment package that is normally reserved for superior class scooters.

Two 4-stroke engines are available – 125 and 150 cc – both liquid cooled with 4 valve timing and electronic fuel injection. These are engines designed and developed by Piaggio which boasts a scooter engine research and development centre, one of the most advanced in the world.

4.9%APR over 12-48 months with 10% minimum deposit

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Engine Size: 125CC
Colour: Midnight Blue / White / Grey