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Vespa GTS 300 Super HPE E5

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Vespa GTS 300 Super HPE E5 - £ 5,199


Dyamic, sporty, technological but, above all, a powerful bike with its new 300 hpe motor.

The successor to sports models with a large steel body, Vespa GTS Super gives Vespa style a sports twist.
Gutsy and refined, the front section is updated with a redesigned shield, the centre of which incorporates the
unmistakable horn cover, extended and enhanced with three decorations. The vehicle also features black rims
with a diamond finish and a double upholstered saddle with edging or Sport single-seater saddle (accessory).
The new front and rear lighting with full LED technology creates a high-impact look as well as increasing safety.
Also new is the 300 hpe engine, the most high performing of the entire Vespa range, is combined with a front and
rear disk braking system with ABS and ASR for absolute riding safety for the ultimate riding experience.

In the history of two-wheeled vehicles, the Vespa GTS is the most beloved in the world, having inherited the legacy of the legendary “Vespone”, as the biggest body – strictly in steel – Vespa has always been called. A Vespa on which to move around elegantly in the city, but also ready to travel, even on adventurous voyages, thanks to its powerful engine.

Created in 2003 with the arrival of the Vespa GT125 and 200, the family of large Vespas then evolved beginning in 2005 with the arrival of the GTS version and and then of the engine capacities up to 300 cc.
The large, convenient, comfortable, extraordinarily protective Vespa GTS combines its elegantly urban and city spirit with the tourism vocation which large Vespas have always embodied.

The Super version of embodies the typical Vespa GTS values of style, comfort, safety and outstanding sportiness while citing legendary models of the past sports such as the 1955 Vespa GS 150, the 1965 Vespa 180 SS and the 1985 T5 “Pole Position”. The SuperSport special series is born out of this base, characterized by even sportier graphics enhanced by the gritty matt metallic grey and yellow colour schemes.
The most sporting of the Vespa range continuously evolves and hits new standards of safety, technology, comfort and painstaking attention to detail. All of the Vespa large body versions boast a spacious helmet compartment, a more and more comfortable seating position and latest generation instrumentation with plenty of information.
The new series standard features a USB port, located inside the compartment of the leg shield, while the front turn lights house a series of LED that act as day running lights.
The Piaggio Group is the first manufacturer to introduce scooter ASR electronic traction control, once available only on the best motorcycles, which prevents wheelspin. The electronic control package is rounded-off by the ABS, anti-braking system. Both are standard features on the Vespa GTS 300 family.

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Engine Size: 300CC
Colour: Red / Yellow / Black

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